Oklahoma Ballot Breakdown 2020

As voter registration has officially closed (the deadline was Oct 9th), here is our breakdown for the November ballot. We'll focus on the state questions, judges and for OKC, the charter changes. If you are curious about the Oklahoma County races, check those our here. Unlike many groups, we offer recommendations that are explicitly biased toward people and solutions that will benefit the greater good. We also talked about these on the show a couple weeks back.

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Tulsa Mayor Election Guide For White Moderates

Trump Visit

On August 25th, Tulsa will have their most dramatic difference in choice for Mayor in a generation. On one side a person who expected to be Mayor since they were born into a politically influential family and afforded every advantage. On the other side is Greg Robinson, a civil rights leader from North Tulsa with wisdom and experience far beyond his years.

History can be made in Tulsa. In Martin Luther King's famous "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," King lays out his concern about the white moderate. The person more concerned with "order" than justice who continues to divert, delay and undermine the cause of justice with hesitation and indecision. These are the people that will march in protest or speak bravely when people are watching, but who use their position and privilege to maintain the status quo.

In this moment of national calamity, Tulsa, Oklahoma has a choice. We can rise and meet the moment with the bold embrace of progress and forge new paths where prosperity is shared by all and problems are addressed directly. Or we can maintain the current direction and allow those who have hoarded power for generations to keep us on a path of destruction. We take a look at the record and ask that Tulsans demand better for themselves and their neighbors. 

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Oklahoma Infection Rate Nears Highest in the World

US Hotspots

Nearly eight months after the pandemic began, Oklahoma's skyrocketing COVID cases have led to one of the highest infection rates in the US. Despite repeated claims about reopening going well, COVID being the new normal and hospital capacity being sufficient for demand, our infection rate says something very different. We are not just high for Oklahoma since this started, or even the US, because if Oklahoma were a country (one about the size of Norway actually), we'd have the highest per capita infection rate on the planet. Yet another top 10 that Gov. Kevin Stitt can hang his hat on.

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Mask Policy

There is a lot of discussion about municipal, state and even federal mask policy. Tulsa passed their mask ordinance yesterday. There are a myriad of concerns and complications to what a good policy should look like. After numerous conversations, a little research and better defining our objective, here are a series of recommendations for people to consider about masking up and the policy that should follow. 

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Who Nearly Beat State Question 802?

State Question 802 will expand healthcare access to more than 200,000 very low wage Oklahomans. After passing on June 30, 2020, by a margin of less than 1%, many folks, expecting a far wider margin of victory, began the blame game. Maps were quickly produced and it was easy to see an urban/rural divide with the seven largest counties passing it and the other seventy failing it. This is not the real story.

As Dan Wade points out in this tweet thread and we discussed on Oklahoma Progress Now's July 7th show, income is a far better explanation of voter support than being rural or not. 

The real story is one of privilege and inequality. It is about who we design our systems for and who we don't. Ultimately, it is about selfishness.

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