Criminal justice

Below are bills relating to criminal justice. Be sure and sign up to be notified on when to take action. You can sign up here or contact your legislator (click here) and ask them to vote accordingly (no for oppose, yes for support).  


Bill # Summary Author Link Status
HB 1674 Supresses almost any form of peaceful protest. Makes organizations liable for the acts of their "members" would be very oppressive West (R) HB 1674 Info Passed House
HB 1822 Excessively strict restrictions on activities in and around the Capitol building. McBride HB 1822 Info Passed House
HB 2095 Adds unlawful assembly to racketeering laws, aims to punish protesting Lepak (R), Daniels (R) HB 2095 Info Passed House
SB 006 Prohibit people from using electronic devices to publish "personally identifiable info" of police officers "with the intent to threaten or harass or cause emotional distress" Rosino (R) SB 6 Info Passed Senate
SB 560 Applies castle laws (stand your ground for your home) to cars and protests. People will be permitted to run over protestors and escape legal liability or criminal charges. Dahm (R)/West (R) SB 560 Info Passed Senate
SB 806 Raises penalties on assaulting an officer, penalties for riots Weaver (R), Worthen (R) SB 806 Info Passed Senate
HB 1644 Makes flag burning a felony and requires permit prior to burning in order to be legal Humphrey (R)/Burns (R) HB 1644 Info Passed House


Bill # Summary Author Link Status
HB 1903 Make more prisoners eligible for medical parole, especially in an emergency Roe (R) HB 1903 Info Passed House
SB 172 Directs OSBI to obtain federal funding to gather data and address issue of missing & murdered indigenous women Rosino (R) SB 172 Info Passed Senate
SB 320 Permit early release on medical parole if a person is determined to no longer pose a threat to public safety and is near death or dying, has a defined medical condition that renders them unable to perform two or more activities of daily living on their own, or is medically vulnerable. Garvin (R) SB 320 Info Passed Senate
SB 456 Increases the number of incarcerated people eligible for release to GPS monitoring Coleman (R) SB 456 Info Passed Senate


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