Below are bills relating to gun access. Be sure and sign up to be notified on when to take action. You can sign up here or contact your legislator (click here) and ask them to vote accordingly (no for oppose, yes for support).  


Bill # Summary Author Link Status
HB 1629 Prevents local law enforcement from enforcing a federal order to regulate firearms and ammo. Hardin, D (R), Bergstrom (R) HB 1629 Info Passed House
HB 1662 Expands stand your ground law West, K (R), Dahm (R) HB 1662 Info Passed House
HB 2588 Expands teachers who can be armed with guns Roberts, S (R), Bullard (R) HB 2588 Info Passed House
HB 2645 Allows guns in bars Echols (R), Bergstrom (R) HB 2645 Info Passed House
SB 106 Changes concealed permit disqualifiers Allen (R) SB 106 Info Passed Senate
SB 646 Allows guns in bars Bergstrom (R), Steagall (R) SB 646 Info Passed Senate
SB 925 Allows someone to brandish a weapon without penalty Dahm (R) SB 925 Info Passed Senate
HB 2334 Clarifies where people can carry a gun. Steagall (R), Bergstrom (R) HB 2334 Info Passed House
SB 644 Expands punitive preemption to allow a person to collect legal expenses if a local government changes its ordinance or policy before a final determination is made by a court. They also expand OK’s preemption law to explicitly include firearm and ammunition components. Stevens (R) SB 644 Info Passed Senate
SB 732 Preempts cities from regulating firearm components Dahm (R) SB 732 Info Passed Senate


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