How to win



When you decide to run you will need a strong media presence which is done by strong marketing to do that you need a strong website, social media presence, literature and mail pieces.

  • Website 
    • The website is where you direct people to know more about your campaign and your policies. It is where people go to donate and to sign up to volunteer and stay updated 
  • Social Media 
    • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just some social media platforms most platforms have the ability to run cheap ads and they let you target the demographics you want. Each platforms has its strengths and different audience tailor them to fit your needs. Through social media people can discover you, you can share with family and friends that you are running and its a way for voters to see you are.
  • Literature and Mail pieces 
    • In a pre-corona world literature would be what you hand voters when you are out canvassing but right now it is your mail pieces that you can send out to voters. It has a bit of your personality and a bit of your policies but the main focus is building name recognition.

Voter Outreach

You can't win an election without reaching out to your voters! This is the most important step in ensuring a victory. 

  • Direct Mail
    • In a corona virus world direct mail is the best way to get literature to the voters hand. It helps build name recognition and informs the voters you are running.
  • Canvassing 
    • Knocking doors is the best way to win an election because you get to personally interact with voters but as of right now that is not an option.
  • Phone Banking
    • The best ways to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time and crucial in this cycle were canvassing is not allowed.
  • GOTV 
    • GET OUT THE VOTE! This is where you ensure people go and vote on election day! This is usually a few days before election and is focused on ensuring your supports go vote.


Reaching out to different organizations is a great way to get your name out and to be seen as a progressive candidate. There are many groups that offer training, support and ideas to help you build your campaign and increase support.

Sally's List (training for women candidates):

New Leaders Council:

Run for Something (Women candidate support and COVID specific resources):  


Money, while it's not make it or break it in smaller races, can make your life and winning easier. Which is why you should try to raise as much money as you can.

  • Call time 
    • Asking for money can be tough, but you need to make a list of everyone you know that could donate to your campaign and call them for a donation. Always make sure to schedule call time.
  • Events
    • You can have someone host an event for you so you can socialize with your voter and raise money for your campaign! Building a list of people that can host an event for you is a must then reach out to them and ask!
  • Email Blast
    • As the campaign goes along you will gather more data on who your supporters are and even some potential supporters are well build some list of those people and send an email blast informing them about the campaign and asking for a donation.

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