OKC Ward 4 2021

Ward 4 mapOklahoma City Ward 4 Candidates

Sam Wargin Grimaldo, 33, SW 30TH STREET, OKC 73109  

Website: Sam Wargin Grimaldo

Larry Hopper, 63, SE 56TH COURT, OKC 73135

Website: Larry Hopper

Todd Stone, 57, DESIREE DRIVE, OKC 73071 

Website: Todd Stone


Ward 4 is currently represented by Todd Stone. Stone was elected in 2017. Stone aligns frequently with the more conservative wing of the City Council. While he voted repeatedly against the city-wide mask mandate, he voted for the emergency declaration so it takes effect immediate. 

Stone is candidate for the status quo. He will allow wandering progress as long as it doesn't disturb or upset those with money or power. He lacks both vision or leadership for improving OKC in the ways which it needs improved.  

Larry Hopper is a long-time public employee working in the city's planning department. Hopper would bring an insider's perspective and undoubtedly cares about the worthwhile project's he's been involved in, including the streetcar and other downtown projects. While we undoubtedly need to focus more on planning in general, the city's challenges require political acumen, not folks with their eye on operations they are not responsible for controlling. 

Sam Wargin is the change candidate. He is frequently on the front line of the issues facing our city. He understands that we need new voices at the table and our challenges require challenging entrenched special interests and the good old boys club. Sam has worked in the community, taught in our schools and is training to be a lawyer. He has the experience and drive to imagine a better Oklahoma City. Click here for more information about voting and what else may be on your ballot.

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