Reproductive Justice

Below are bills relating to reproductive rights. Be sure and sign up to be notified on when to take action. You can sign up here or contact your legislator (click here) and ask them to vote accordingly (no for oppose, yes for support).  


Bill # Summary Author Link Status
HB 1102 Bans abortion in almost every case Olsen (R) HB 1102 Info Passed House
HB 1904 Prohibits abortions to be done by anyone other than an OBGYN Roe (R) HB 1904 Info Passed House
HB 2441 Bans abortion if a heartbeat is present Russ (R), Daniels (R) HB 2441 Info Passed House
SB 612 Bans abortion in almost every case Dahm (R) SB 612 Info Passed Senate


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