March 25, 2021
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March 23, 2021, Oklahoma City, OK – Free speech advocates are pushing the legislature to reject harmful laws intended to chill the speech of people demanding redress for their grievances. The effort focuses on gathering pledges that can become contributions to a Political Action Committee against legislators that support these anti-freedom bills.

In reaction to public protests in Oklahoma, lawmakers are cracking down on a range of activities, such as restricting activities at government facilities and punishing organizers if someone at a protest breaks a law. There is even a law to prevent someone from being held liable if they drive their vehicle into a group of protesters. HB 1674 which covers many of these concerns, passed its Senate committee on Monday.

The following quote can be attributed to Nick Singer, Program Director, Oklahoma Progress Now:

“In recent years, Oklahomans have raised their voices in many types of protest. The 2018 Teacher Walk Out, advocating for the 2nd Amendment, the Women’s March, presidential visits and last summer’s protests around the murder of George Floyd. Many of these laws would significantly limit the right of people to gather and protest. It is unconscionable that we would allow someone to drive a car into a group of protesters. These laws have nothing to do with addressing people's concerns and everything to do with prosecuting protesters for exercising their rights.”

Oklahoma experienced little violence during recent protests. Any charges related to protesting were for minor infractions or dismissed. Thousands of Oklahomans gathered to take advantage of their First Amendment rights. 

This effort is a first for Oklahoma politics. Using a new platform designed by LevelField, a political technology company, Oklahomans will be able to pledge money to pressure the legislature not to pass these anti-democratic bills. Pledges will only be charged if the Oklahoma legislature passes these bills before May 28, 2021 at 5pm. If the legislature votes down or fails to hear the bills, the pledges go away. However, if one of these bills becomes law, then pledges will be billed. They’ll become contributions, which will be used to campaign against the key supporters of these bills during our next election.

“It is already illegal to commit violence in our community. By targeting protesters or organizers with restrictions, punishment, or worse, encouraging violence against those who protest, we chill peoples’ freedom of speech,” said Singer. “Since many of us still don’t feel it is a good time to gather in large groups, we need to ensure people maintain the opportunity to make their voices heard.”

The following quote can be attributed to Steve Lavine, CEO of LevelField:

“The objective is not to put more money into politics,” says Steve Lavine, CEO of LevelField.  “The goal is to influence the political process without corrupting it further.  If the legislature tries to pass this legislation, our goal will be to create a countervailing force that makes them think twice."

LevelField campaigns use techniques that allow political organizations to turn small pledges into targeted political campaigns.  These techniques can be enough to persuade politicians to take action with no money ever changing hands.

Continued Lavine, "We want to give people the ability to take a stand when politicians take the wrong side of important issues – without putting more money into a system that’s already been corrupted by too much money.  Our goal is to give regular people a seat at the table."

To join the campaign to protect the right to protest, visit  To learn more about LevelField, visit

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